Zigong Dino World Art Co., Ltd.is located in the beautiful hometown of dinosaurs and Lantern City of South China——Zigong City, Sichuan Province.
We spend more than ten years in designing and producing Lantern Festival Exhibitions,simulation animals and insects,scenes and other simulation products with the first-class production technology.
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Our amazing attractions can be used for resort,resort hotel,museum,amusement park,shopping mall,exclusive shop and square,etc.We can supply artificial scenes and display the design and production of animatronic animals and insects as well as mechanical lanterns,etc.All of our products are ornamental,amusing and participatory.We are able to truly achieve“ customers’interest first,art being the standard,technology-centralized and perfect for details.We devote ourselves to producing excelsior,green and high technology simulation products with attractive appearance.
  • In 2006,our company was invited to produce the properties and costumes of the large scale stage production for China Dinosaur Park.
  • In 2007,we participate in animatronic animal exhibition of Hangzhou. The designed and manufactured series of products were praised by media unanimously.
  • In 2008,the designed and manufactured alien robots achieved good reputation in Pudong Scientific Festival of Shanghai.
  • In 2009,we displayed exhibition for the opening of the new project in Zhengzhou Dinosaur Theme Restaurant of Henan.
  • In 2010,we worked with one company to make the series of products for BBC in Britain.The delicate and vivid animatronic dinosaurs attracted attention of all the guests.
  • In 2011, our company was appointed by one tourism development company in France to make the manufactured series of animatronic products and it also hold large dinosaur exhibition in Europe.It becomes the hottest tourism project and they did a great deal of benefit for the company.
By the news of our company, Our company’s first animatronic dinosaurs have been sent to Tangyan Center City of Xi’an High and New Technology Industry Development Zone on a half -month popular science...
Recently our firm has cooperated with Shanghai Green City once again on the basis of friendly cooperation last month. We displayed exhibition for the opening of the new project in Xinghua City ,Ji...
By the news of our company,Our company cooperated with Shanghai Green City in May 2014 and held an animatronic dinosaurs show .They appeared in the classical garden architecture to catch everyone’s...
Omeisaurus means Emei lizard.They belong to sauropod. The scientific reconstruction of Omeisaurus: The internal construction of Omeisaurus: The external styling of Omeisaurus: The over...
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